Taking care of your vehicle usually doesn’t involve a ton of work. But if you fail to do some basic maintenance, a simple concern could accelerate into a major problem. This is especially true with a recent survey finding that about 77% of cars on the road today are in need of repairs or maintenance. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to keep your vehicle running in tip-top condition. One of these steps is scheduling regular oil change services. So let’s take a look at a few reasons regular oil changes are important.

Cleans the engine: First and foremost, oil change services are essential to keeping the engine clean. As oil flows through the engine, debris will begin to build up within the oil. This, in turn, allows the debris to build up in the engine. As a result, the engine becomes filled with dirty, sludgy oil and can become damaged. The best way to ensure the debris doesn’t build up is to have the oil changed regularly so the engine can be kept clean.

Better gas mileage: Another great reason to visit an auto shop for an oil change is to improve your gas mileage. Having good gas mileage is important for several reasons — for saving money, helping the environment, and even bettering the vehicle itself. Without a proper oil change, the debris in the oil will continue to build up and cause friction. This can reduce engine performance and lower gas mileage.

Improves engine performance: When it comes to overall engine performance, oil is often a key factor. Oil is important for maintaining engine lubrication, allowing all of the moving parts within the engine to move without friction or wear. Over time, these parts will have to work harder due to lack of lubrication. This is where the oil comes in — with a fresh oil change, all of the components within the engine will be working at their best. And with regular oil changes at an automotive shop, the engine will work better and last longer.

As you can see, there are several reasons to visit an automotive technician for an oil change. Making regular visits to an auto repair shop for oil change services can help your vehicle run better, last longer, and give you fewer problems overall.

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