Cooling System Reno NV

Is Your Cooling System Causing You Problems?

Overheating problems may be caused by a low coolant level, the radiator being plugged, the thermostat being stuck, or other related common cooling system problems. Here at American Auto Air and Repair, we are prepared to handle any of these problems – and more. As auto technicians, we do not like to tell our customers that they need expensive repair work, especially if it is due to lack of proper maintenance. What we do enjoy are customers that get their regularly scheduled maintenance done, much like oil changes, cooling system service and tune-ups. Regularly scheduled maintenance gives our technicians the opportunity to look your car over on a regular basis for any fluid leaks or other first-tells of more serious issues.

Should your vehicle need work, from a simple tune up to an engine exchange, American Auto Air and Repair Technicians can handle the job.

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