Is Your Car Maintenace Being Neglected?

Lapsing maintenance on your car’s fluid exchanges, dirty filters, bruised belts, and aging spark plugs can lead to bigger problems like busted-up radiators, slipping gear shifts, squealing brakes and/or engine failure. That’s why routine maintenance is key to vehicle longevity and the true cost of vehicle ownership. American Auto Air and Repair, with its highly trained automotive technicians and and the modern auto repair Reno NV trusts, perform all recommended maintenance for domestic and foreign manufacturers, including:


Oil change

Cost of skipping: Potential engine failure


Brake maintenance

Cost of skipping: Expensive rotor or drum replacement


Belts and hoses

Cost of skipping: The tow to the nearest garage, and cost of replacing the belt/hose, plus any additional damage done when the belt or hose came apart


Spark plugs and filters

Cost of skipping: Damaged catalytic converter, failed emissions test, poor performance, engine misfiring during acceleration, hard starting, and poor gas mileage


Replacing timing belt at recommended intervals

Cost of skipping: Damaged valves and pistons

Should your vehicle need work, from a simple tune up to an engine exchange, American Auto Air and Repair Technicians can handle the job.

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